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A Circle of Mediums Healers, Psychics, Lightworkers etc offering services sharing Faith, Self and Spirit.
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 Meet PrairieDust and her Website

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Number of posts : 274
Age : 55
Location : New Zealand
Registration date : 2008-03-02

Meet PrairieDust and her Website Empty
PostSubject: Meet PrairieDust and her Website   Meet PrairieDust and her Website Icon_minitime04.11.08 22:05

Hello and Welcome to my world of beads!

Meet PrairieDust and her Website Whitea10

My name is Wendy and I live on a First Nations Indian Reservation in Nova Scotia, Canada where I have had, and continue to have, the good forturne of living with the Mi'kmaq people who teach me so much. Most noteable to me is the fine art of working with seed beads.

Meet PrairieDust and her Website Eagle_10

Each of my creations is made from many many seed beads that are sewn together by
hand - ONE BY ONE! The work you see is all put together by the steady, patient hands of myself or my life partner Paul. We call upon the help of other family and community members as needed for larger orders and in doing so we help the entire community as is the Mi'kmaq way.

There are never two works exactly the same and, as with any handcrafted treasures, this is the best gift of all.

The prices listed are NON-negotiable for I'm certain you can appreciate the time and effort that goes into every piece. Each is unique unto itself.

The cost of shipping will be added to the price as each item finds its rightful owner in this world as intended by the Great Creator.

It is my honor to provide for you these creations and as valued customers I appreciate your feedback.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or requests.

Thank you