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PostSubject: Chat Topics   31.03.08 12:18

A thought for this week ,

If you met yourself, would you liek yourself?
Would you be ya own best mate .

Think on it,,,,, topic to be discussed at Official Launch Party , feel free to post your thoughts as a reply.
A sharing of Phylosophy and your thoguths on the topic during the celebrations

See you all in the party ,,,,,,,,

Julie -AKL
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PostSubject: Re: Chat Topics   31.03.08 12:39

To me l would get along because as we grow l would of change in some point in life and l wouldn’t be the same as l was in the past either
And so to answer the next question l would say yes l would be best mates because you then can see the difference on how you used to be and how you see things now as well

Thats how l see it anyway
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PostSubject: I wonderWhat you think   03.04.08 21:50

Ok this is the reason behind our topic for the openig of the Circle of Mediums.

From Irene Durham, I'll let her explain it best

"I wonder what you think."
Mon Sept 29th 2003.

Each time I’m asked to give a short talk for our philosophy spot, I spend days wondering what I'll find to say this time that will relate to Spiritualism and , in turn, give you food for thought, My ideas usually come from everyday actions or conversations or something on the TV. That sets me thinking. So I hope it will set others thinking too. Because for me, being a spiritualist means that I do try to think of the effects my words or actions will have, not only on myself but on those around me. I try, as I would think you would, to act or speak for the best, but it doesn’t always work out that way, and if it goes wrong, it can take a lot of atoning to eating humble pie to right a wrong caused by not thinking enough before hand. Now when this happens I think – that’s another lesson learned- another step towards our 7th Principle, Eternal Progress Open To All Human Souls, Here and Hereafter. For every lesson learned from birth is Progress.

My inspiration for tonight’s talk came from something said as a joke, a bit of fun, said purely for a laugh. Our Grandson, Colin, is staying with us at the moment, he’s 16 and he has a really quirky sense of humour.

His latest gem on Saturday afternoon was

"If you could duplicate yourself, would you get along with yourself, would you like your self for a friend?"

He went on to say "If I met myself I’d kick me in !!!".

Well we had a good laugh at the idea, as was intended, but then I said "daft as it sounds you’ve just given me an idea for my talk!" The more I thought about it the stranger and more profound it got. I wonder what you think.

What a lesson it would be to learn...., here I am a Grannie, born in the year "blob-ought-double-nowt..., well, lets just say I carry a bus pass! and my 16 year old grandson gives me something to think about! Its true, no matter how old your get, you can still learn something everyday, progress is continual. I invite you now friends to think about it, nobody knows you as you know yourselves. What a way to face up to taking a real look at yourself –warts and all- as the saying goes. Knowing what you know about yourself – like how many little white lies you’ve told, or even great big black ones, Fake excuses for a late arrival or day off. Have you ever cheated yourself at patience or some other solo game, like the old one about the size of the fish that got away.

Lets face it non of us are perfect, knowing this would you like You for a friend?, could you be your own best mate, and honest, reliable, trustworthy, best mate? Are you arrogant enough to think there is no room for improvement in you. Now I don’t want you all to go into a deep depression thinking of all you short comings, because there is also the other side of you – the nice side that is the long run can cancel out the not so nice side. It’s certainly something to get you thinking isn’t it. There are two sides to everyone, without the one side there couldn’t be the other. Thinking is learning and learning is progress and progress is truly open to all human souls.

I read this to my grand son, his response was

"WOW! – Class!- that’s mint grandma! All that from something I said"

I wonder what you think?

So Now concider your answer to the question, warts and all Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Chat Topics   

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Chat Topics
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