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A Circle of Mediums Healers, Psychics, Lightworkers etc offering services sharing Faith, Self and Spirit.
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 November Newsletter

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PostSubject: November Newsletter   25.11.08 21:19


MSN Closing Groups: Yes this is due to hapen in February. so we are bringing everythign from our MSN site Spiritualists open circle here to Circle of Mediums.

See the Archives section.


Please NOTE your Forum sign in does NOT automatically sign you into our chat services!

You MUST register in both as they are from differnt providers!

GCN CHATS require download from our main page.

These are open 24 7

NOWLIVE CHATS , are webbased NO DOWNLOAD NOTE: AOL will not allow you to join so please use Internet Explorer or Firefox

In NOWLIVE we now have 2 rooms that can be open.

The usual link one when I am around and hosting.

Host JulieAKL Live chat and cams with voice

and now so others can HOST and OPEN the Circle in NOW LIVE we have

Various Circle Hosts Live chat and cams (no voice)

So the easy thing to do is go to both, save them in your faves ,,, and when you enter see which one is ON AIR or LIVE: If it says LIVE chat then a host is not currently available and its chat only.

Or you can simply go to

and see which one is lists when open (if open) on the home page current shows lists and join in from there.

Confused you wont be if you follow these instructions lol

We will aim to post a full schedule of when and which room is open as soon as possible.

If you wish to be a HOST in our Now Live Circle room please contact Julie-AKL to be concidered , I hope our regular hosts and moderators will concider offering to do so.

NOTE to host in this room you do not need a cam and mic at this time , it helps but is not nessesary as initially it will be text chat and cam only , without sound as there is an issue with sound at present. but we hope to sort this for the future.


Finaly I have noticed a decline in members posting in forums and taking part in the lottery, hence the lottery will be discontinued after Decembers draw if this does not improve.

If you no longer wish to remian a member please deleate your account, or return this email with DELETE ME in the jubject line.


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November Newsletter
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