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PostSubject: Herbs   09.11.08 4:30

From: RockingGeordie1 (Original Message) Sent: 22/12/2003 7:30 PM

Uses for Herbs


Camphor---prophiecy in dreams,purification,physical energy,celibacy
Catnip---psychic bond with animals,power,courage,love & happiness
Cloves---banishing,finding thing,clearing your head
Comphey---physical protection
Damiana---sex magick,increases magickal energy,divination,dreams,clairvoyance
Devils Shoestring---protection, brings good luck,helps in finding jobs
Eucalyptus---attracts healing energies,protection
Fennel---protection,prevents curses,possession,and negative problems
Galangal Root---improves psychic powers,hex breaking,sex magick
Garlic---love spells,beauty,healing,protection,exorcism
Hibiscus Flower---attracts love/lust,divination,dreams
High John Wort---good luck,protection
Jasmine---attracts love,prosperity,and money;divination,psychic dreams,good for charging stones
Juniper Berries---good for healing the body,protection
Kava Kava Root---induces visions,good for astral workings,astral traveling
Lavender ---healing,inner peace,peace of mind,helps with stress,love,protection,purification
Lemon Verbena---love spells,prevents dreaming,adds power to magickal workings,purification
Mandrake---inhances power for spellsgood for exorcisms and protection
Mistletoe---good for love,protection,and visions
Mugwort---good for visions,astral travel,protection andadds power to scrying tools
Mullein---good for protection,invoking spirits,andcourage
Nettle--- removes spells/curses,good for protection and exorcism
Nutmeg---good for breaking spells/curses,protection and good luck
Orris Root---good for love spells,protection and dreams
Passion Flower---good for love spells,emotional balance,and peace
Patchouli---good for love spells,and protection
Pennyroyal---good for peace, protection and purification
Peppermint---helps with visionary dreams,good for healing and purification
Raspberry Leaf---good for healing,protection and purification
Rosemary---good for protection, exorcism, healing and purification
Red Roses---good for attracting love,clairvoyance,domestic peace and happiness
Rue---good for protection,consecration,blessings,healing and exorcism
Sage---good for cleansing,healing,blessings,consecration,exorcism and protection
Sandlewood---good for clairvoyance,healing,protection,purification,meditation and sacred rituals
Skullcap----good for relaxation and peace
St.Johns Wort---good for protection, courage and divination
Tonka Bean---good for good luck and strength
Valerian Root---good for protection,purification and harmony
Vervain---good for calming,protection, purification,divination,consecration and creativity
Wormwood---good for banishing,divination,protection and exorcism
White Sage---good for purification,centering,consecration and sacred ritual

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