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 Chakras and Color Meanings

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PostSubject: Chakras and Color Meanings   09.11.08 4:25

For energy,passionate, and is said to stimulate.
Spiritual goals, is strong, healing, and spiritual colour.
For purity and protection.
Great for meditation, peace, Calmness, flow, and said to calm Energies.
For harmony, peace. and restfulness.
For intelligence. divine in telligence, rightness, andthe love of beauty and art.
For mental ability, education, and ambition.
For protection, brightness, it can also stand for female.
For intelligence, very much like yellow, and can stand for male.
The negative in black is ignorance.
For neutralizing of earth.
Implies wisdom.








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PostSubject: Re: Chakras and Color Meanings   09.11.08 4:27

From: onex608 (Original Message) Sent: 14/10/2002 3:32 PM

The aura is defined in the dictionary as 'a subtle invisible essence which emanates from human and animal bodies' In spiritual terms it is more than this. It is in fact made up of seven layers, or sublt bodies, each having a name and specific use. The aura acts almost like a protective skin, which like the chakras, have connections with the higher spiritual plances and allow us to obtain information from both the spirit world and our surroundings.

We are able to sense many things through the aura, for example, at times we have all been aware that someone is wathcing us from behined, we can feel their mind and eyes reaching out into our auric space, as we turn around we do indeed see someone watching us, perhaps a friend or even an enemy. We are able to detect mood changes within those around us through the aura. Sometimes even when people have left the room we can sence their mood through our aura. The aura is a vital part of our existance and should be treated with care and respect, as you will become aware it is very suseptable to the change in our health and well being.

The seven layers of the aura are as follows:-

1st layer Etheric Double
2nd layer Etheric Web
3rd layer Lower Astral
4th layer Higher Astral
5th layer Lower Mental
6th layer Higher Mental
7th layer Monadic Body or Spirit Body

Etheric Double ..... is the first layer which lies closest to our skin. It follows the contours of our body quite closely. It is the most dense of all the subtle bodies. Any problems with the physical body is also echoed on the etheric double. For instance, if there is an injury to the physical body such as a broken leg then this will also affect the etheric double. The etheric double is sometimes referred to as the Ghost. When a soul dies very suddenly such as in a car accident, the ghost is sometimes left behind. The soul died so quickly it refuses to believe what has happened to it. Until the soul has receive healing and accepts its fate he/she will be lost on the earth plane rather than following the path of light to the astral planes of existence.

The Etheric double is closlely linked with the base chakra associated with the colour red

The next layer is theThe Etheric Web it lies slightly out from the first layer, but again following the contours of the body. And has connections with the spleen chakra and is associated with the colour orange.

The third layer is the Lower Astral again moving further out from the physical body but still following the contours of the body. It is connected with the lower astral plain, and receives information from this level. It gives out and receives our emotions, physical attractions etc. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra and is associated with the colour yellow.

The fourth layer is the Higher Astral It receives information from the higher astral levels of existence. Feelings of unconditional love, service to others, compassion and caring, emanate from this layer. It is connected to the heart chakra and is associated the colour green.

The fifth layer is the Lower Mental it links in with the lower mental planes. It follows the contours of the physical body more loosely. It is tuned to spiritual communication and also physical communication. It has a link with the throat chakra and is associated with the colour blue.

The sixth layer is the Higher Mental connecting onto those higher mental planes, it gives us understanding of spiritual law and moral justice. Spiritual sight, clairvoyance. It is linked to the brow chakra and is associated with the colours lilac through to indigo.

The seventh layer is the Monadic Body of the Spirit Body It fits very loosely around the physical body. Tuned to the higher realms of teaching and healing. It emanates and receives spiritual love and understanding. Wisdom, and attunement with the higher self. It is linked to the crown chakra and is associated with the colours purple and pure white

The aura is not a solid thing but is more fluid, expanding and contracting with our emotions and moods. As we heal or meditate the aura expands. When we are working on an every day material level it contracts as our moods dictates. Feelings of love expand the aura, feelings of anger or jealousy contract the aura.

The aura is also affected greatly by such things as drugs and alcohol. Medication such as sleeping tablets and anti-depressive drugs makes the aura very dense and difficult to penetrate with healing.

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Chakras and Color Meanings
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