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 Spirit Messages

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PostSubject: Spirit Messages   08.11.08 23:27

From: RockingGeordie1 (Original Message) Sent: 17/10/2005 3:09 PM

A Spirit message channeld by greywolf , from Shun Lee, his spriit guide, for the cirlce members. 17.0.05

(Edited only to make easier reading by removing greys name as posted in chat, during the actual reading from Shun Lee)

8greywolf126 has joined the conversation.
greywolf126 : atill just you ak.
greywolf126 : still that is
A_KnightsLady : lol yup
A_KnightsLady : been all quiet ,,,,
greywolf126 : i have just been doing some med with my friend in spirit
A_KnightsLady : cool ,,,,,, im researching for my tefl website
greywolf126 : and he has left something to share with you and those in the room. do you want me to past it in if i can.
A_KnightsLady : oh please
greywolf126 : ok this may take a liitle time. ok
A_KnightsLady : nps
greywolf126 : ok here gose i will give it a try
greywolf126 : My dear friends, My vessel and channel has asked me for some enlightenment that may be of help to you, As you are all devoted channels to us within the spirit world in one way or another, we understand the many problems that you have in continuing to keep that higher thought that links the two worlds together.
We also understand that your mind, body and the earthly realm in which youre physical is attached; these elements play a main roll in the difficulties maintaining that link to us,
we in the spirit world try our best to overcome some of these difficulties that burden mankind, but alas we are not successful on all occasions.
Even when your loved ones come forward to yourselves through that divine power which allows them, that collective thought of energy from those in the spirit world to help your loved ones make that link, we find that through what has already been told to you about condition of mind & body it is sadly lost.
Although your loved one are happy to have tried to make a contact with yourselves but failed, all we ask is that mankind open there hearts and minds to that of the truth that is being brought to you.
Do not ignore that thought which may be impressed upon yourselves within your quiet moments, for it is though that we link the world together. For I speak not only of myself but all within spirit, when I say, we will never give up hope that one day all mankind will come to the understanding of truth, that we are all eternal with that oneness of spirit. Today is a good day in that my channel & earthly vessel has aloud me to link in this way to you,
Remember here to we are governed by that divine universal law as you are all governed by that earthly law that man has put into place, which you hopefully will respect and act upon within your lives. But remember that it is through that personal responsibility which governs us all within both worlds.
Do not condemn those that seek to choose another pathway from that of yourselves, for all pathways lead to that divine oneness with spirit, and once they have come home they
then become aware in time of the truth, but be aware that many will be mislead for there own gain and not for the glory of the spirit world, which it should be rightfully given.
It is though that divine spirit which you call God that your spirit lives, you are yourselves part of that divines, as is all creation.
Therefore ask yourself, can you not make time to link to those within our world, for the guidance that is needed to help your fellow brothers and sisters, is your physical life
taking control over that which is part of the divine SPIRIT, all we have asked is that this be shared equally between the two, physical and spiritual. As it is through the physical
you are learning to help many within the world of spirit.
I thank my channel and friend for allowing me to communicate to you and hope that it has been helpful is some small way.
May your God be with you always.
Shun Lee.
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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   08.11.08 23:46

From: rvgdln (Original Message) Sent: 2/05/2003 8:16 AM

through the dawns of the ages of time shall come one who will lead and guide. Out of his mouth shall come words of wisdom, the trumpets will sound upon him speaking. His heart will be full of love and his eyes full of compassion.

what brings the mighty warrior to his knees? The one who's heart is of a lion but his eyes full of kindness overflowing. The wine will be poured and it will overflow and in his wisdom humanity shall prosper and flourish he shall speak of the age of ancients the wage of wisdom and his hands shall point to the east, the hems of his robes flowing away from him in the west blown windsall will bow and many will try to run only to not be able to go anywhere, the judgements are at hands. Hear my words now of wisdom brought to me by my Lord, the one whom I shall serve for eternity, the one who

created me and the one whom I sing praises too. Glory be to my Lord, may every tongue confess your greatness hear me now my Lord, this is Michael your trusted servant for eternity

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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   08.11.08 23:52

From: happen_in (Original Message) Sent: 26/04/2003 1:10 AM

Twilight Zone
Light on the path

The forest is a place where you must face your deepest darkest fears, but it is certainly not the garden path. The garden path is blissful, there are no difficult parts and one walks blissfully through it heedless of the dangers around them, When one walks through the forest one is only too weary of the dangers that may lurk behind every tree. but you must know that the fact that you have made it so far already through this forest proves that the golden light of christ shines around you My sweet one , be at peace. The golden light which surrounds your body and mind shall radiate outwards to form the clearing in the forest, for there is no clearing until you make one, and then that clearing is there for others who follow in your footsteps, so that they may make a safer, shorter journey. That clearing is what you make it. It can be as beautiful as you wish. there is no limit and no bounderies to the beauty of the mother earth. Man has tried to limit this wonderful being. Man has tried to encase her vast body, but this is not possible. It may last for a short while, but the mother Earth can never be encased for long. Sweet child remember that the light of christ is with you. Remember that it shineth on the very path you walk. Remember that it shineth from your very soul, from your very spirit outwards. And remember that where you walk, I hold your hand always. I do not let my dearest children dither. I do not let them walk away from light.. Sometimes they must learn faith. Sometimes i must let go of their hand and ask them to walk across the water to reach me, but they are never in any danger. No matter where I am they are always close to my heart. My sweet child learn faith, for if you forget to have faith in your "freinds" remember to have faith in myself, until you are steady enough to reach out to your "freinds" and let them guide you onwards.If you trust in my spirit then you may steady yourself against me, for my body has held many burdens in the past, so as to steady yourself, and you shall be taken under my wing.Many have come to me with not a single grain of love in their hearts and I have steadied them. So I can steady you my sweet one. My child listen to the wind. It may seem that it blows ever onwards, but it doesnt. It calms itself and then it moves onwards. The trees may rustle , but you shall not rustle for your foundations are built of solid gold. The water may ripple but your emotions shall not stir, for the lake of peace within your heart is perfect. All but a single star shines above the lake. this single star shall shed its light across the sometimes misty waters. the light of the star shall burn away the mist, my dear child. the water shall turn from bruised blue and black to a serene violet and there it shall stay with a single gold star. my sweet one, my time here draws near If you listen to what i have said you shall decifer my words. You may not understand them now, but the spirit within my heart shall filter into your heart. My sweet child, remember always to rest in peace. You are not dead but your lower self shall die and you must learn to use your higher self. Many expect this to be a process that has no problem to it. many expect that they can naturally use there higher selves. It is not that easy. You must re-adjust to the power at each stage. When you reach the clearing, I shall be there. And when I see you i must give you something special. Until that time hold out your hand to me always and I shall grasp your hand and take you to the clearing and shed light upon your path. And with these words I must leave you, My beloved child. May peace and love be with you. your " freinds" are close and I shall never leave you
My Sweet One,

I Go
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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   08.11.08 23:54

From: WhiteFireMagick (Original Message) Sent: 21/03/2003 2:17 PM

From an unnamed spirit friend...... thought I would share it with all of you.

In this darkened time of distress and sorrow amongst the many nations of the world. That which stands apart will crumble and succomb to the forces of darkness that stands in direct opposition around it. What is there to say that all of these nations could stand together. The 12 tribes that stand so firmly against the outsiders. Banded together in love and hope without reason to ever discredity their strength. Stand now with your breasts stuck out, hold your heads up high. Your armor may not be that of the grandest of armor, it may be worn, tired, and faded but all that comes is what shall be. Is the riches of this world always worth striving for. Is the armor what makes the individual. My poor worn, tired soldiers of faith it is not. The army that stands in faith and hope is the army that shall overcome. Seek your salvation and stand firm and tall against the coming of the darkness. Spirits weep and spirits seek joy. Belong as you shall and belong with honor. Climb to the top and reach the goal of light. Light bringeth love and compassion and peace, the darkness only brings destruction. Divided you stand and divided you fall.

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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   09.11.08 0:01

From: RockingGeordie1 (Original Message) Sent: 16/01/2003 11:03 PM

A Message shared from Spirit during a recent guided mediation in the circle

Dear friends gathered here ,,, may your journey in life be as a
flight ,,,,,, with the wind, the spirit to support ,,the breath the
sustinance to give life

The Friends and familey your base for a strong wealth
of knowledge and love

Let the light shine within and the love go to all around you
Your friends in spirit will guide and be there in times
needed and always give the time asked for in prayer

Go in peace and love for all, in the light of the Great
Spirit with the knwoledge of those here present ( Spirits Friends met in the meditation) to share

We thank you for the visit and time taken to be here ,,,,,,,
enjoy, ,,,,, love light and truth be your path.
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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   09.11.08 0:07

From: greywolf126 (Original Message) Sent: 9/01/2003 5:50 AM

All of us are belssed with individuality
we`re different from each other -
thats how God meant us to be
So when opinion differ
and don`t see eye to eye
or angrey words are spoken
and tempers start to fly
calm yourself and try to see
the other person`s view
meditate your differences
as God wants you to do
for by living well with others through every kind of strife
our horizons broaden
and we get more from life!
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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   09.11.08 0:15

From: ravenspiritcaller (Original Message) Sent: 3/09/2002 5:10 AM

Osiyo Dear Ones:

I am here to guide you all in balance. There is so much confusion, fuss, stress and disharmony that is eminating from the pores of Earth Mother. She can no longer heal this planet alone and needs OUR Help!!! We, my brothers and sisters, need to act now, and start healing all that needs to be healed. I am here to help you all grow, prosper, and walk in balance. Balance you own energies, and balance the planets energies. If there is no balance there is stunted growth. Growth comes from balance. Prosperity comes from balance. Health comes from balance. Balance is the key to well-being, growth, spirituality, and eternal peace. When we walk in balance, others walk in balance, and the whole planet walks in balance. As the Sun and Moon balance the day and the night, so should we balance ourselves and each other, so that Earth Mother can be BALANCED!!!

May We All Walk In Balance
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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   09.11.08 0:17

From: ravenspiritcaller (Original Message) Sent: 20/08/2002 5:20 AM

Dearest Children:

The time has come to use your gifts to assist the planet and its inhabitants with healing, and well-being. This is a crucial time in your planetary history. All beings must stop hurting eachother and come together to promote harmony, balance, and tranquility.

The Ascended Masters will help all who ask for assistance in bringing the necessary vibrational energies to the planet and the inhabitants. We are here to assist all whom ask.

May all who hear this message and act upon it be blessed with abundance in mind, body, and spirit.
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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   09.11.08 0:20

From: MrsWingz (Original Message) Sent: 27/08/2002 9:33 AM

Good evening children and how are you all tonight

I see you all want to play al little

maybe it is time to lighten up a little and have fun

all is part of balance

you have all worked hard this week and need a break from the real world

you have spent many hours helping and healing others over the last
couple days

and need to relax now and enjoy the rest of your evening

all comes with balance.. if you bog yourself down with to much of one
thing then the rest of you suffers

even spiritually you will suffer

take time for yourself to play to enjoy life take time to work take
time be spiritual

all is balance

each has its own time

and when one overloads all suffers

I am proud of all of you and all the healing and love you give

and all I ask is that you continue and I will continue to visit with

and help you along this path

we call life

May you walk with creator and light of Christ...

Becky Cooley, 2002.No part of this message may be reproduced in full or
in part, without the express permission of the author

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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Messages   09.11.08 0:23

From: MrsWingz (Original Message) Sent: 19/08/2002 10:10 AM

Love is a state of being

comes from the God and the master Jesus

to find love you must look in the heart .

to love you must first love yourself and feel the

love of God and the master Jesus

before achieving love for another

focus on the love in your heart

not n your mind.

love is the flower of us all

it blooms in all in the heart

to share with everyone

it is not meant to set boundaries

only to make us happy on the earth plane

and set us free

you are always loved

God the creator loves you, the master Jesus loves you.. I love you

you love each other

you may not see it but you do

you cant force love but you can share love

walked and give love to everyone and you will receive love back.

you may not see it but you will

think of the flower in your heart

each time you think of love

as it grows and blooms each

day you feel more love as you

nurture that love by feeding it.. as you would flower

feed it by loving and send out love to others

you will find not greater love than the love the creator and the master Jesus

none that is so unconditional

it is all around.

everywhere you look

all you have to do is see the beauty around you

look with your heart not your eyes

and it will be there for you

you can feel the love right now that

I send to you

feel the warmth of the creator

the master Jesus

the love in heart

go forth and share this love

to make the earth plane better we much all share the love

when you look in your heart you will see the and feel the love from this day

from this moment

go forth my child and walk in the he love the creator and the master Jesus

Becky Cooley, 2002.No part of this message may be reproduced in full or in part, without the express permission of the author

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Spirit Messages
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