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 Prayer Board

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PostSubject: Re: Prayer Board   08.11.08 22:05

From: RockingGeordie1 (Original Message) Sent: 12/03/2005 5:52 AM

Rest in Pease Ian.

For the cousin I hardly knew, since the days I babysat for you and your sister, we grew apart but your family and I feel the loss of your energy from this life. We'll never know what trouble or strife, lead you on thursday to take your own life. We can send healing and thoughts to help you on your journey, and for your dear mother and father now wandering, wondering what was your hurry? How did it get this far and what could they have done different. Surely it wasnt your time to go, but you chose to leave, so soon, so young.
For your sister, love and light to help her through. For the rough times to come and the darkness that may ensue,, love and a cuddle to all, from one who wishes shed stayed in touch.

Ian Plant beloved son, brother and cousin

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PostSubject: Re: Prayer Board   08.11.08 23:00

From: sweet_spirit (Original Message) Sent: 9/02/2003 12:54 PM

Our heavenly father great divide spirit at this time im asking to sent down the healing light for Rosemay and Southyrk also Angine who are all sick in hospital.Please make them all as comfortable and get well soon.Heavenly father I ask all this in your name.

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PostSubject: Re: Prayer Board   08.11.08 23:04

From: BlessingsFromRose (Original Message) Sent: 19/02/2003 9:34 PM

What is it that we can do to help? to change things? to make this world a better place? to stop this senseless war? So many people are asking these questions...and so many of us feel so helpless. We are just *little people* ...powerless...who would listen to us?
There is a way we can help...pure and simple...Prayer...
PRAYER??? yeah right... (I can hear it now)
So many people think, yeah right, prayer...that's nothing. The thing is...prayer is everything when said with heartfelt love and the highest regard, for the person or situation, that the prayer is aimed at...
I have heard many say that prayer is very powerful, and many scientific studies of late have shown that there are differences-significant differences- for people and places that are prayed for, as compared to when no prayers are being sent.
So...what have we got to lose? we may as well give it a go, and see what differences we can make.
A simple prayer...

O Holy Jesus(or Divine Creator or whatever you prefer)
please send to me your radiant golden Light
let it flow into me(crown chakra), through me and out from me(heart chakra)
to all of mankind and our mother earth. (visualize the golden light enveloping mother earth, and all upon her)
May this healing light enter the very hearts and minds of mankind and let it bring about a peaceful solution to the
upheaval and unrest at this time.
and so it is...

so very can add more if you want to...this prayer said at least once a day will make a difference. Let's give it a go, and at least we will be doing something...I am game if you are
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PostSubject: Re: Prayer Board   08.11.08 23:12

Prayer for Crystal


Hear us Oh Goddess from above,

send down a little girl some love.

Help her now to be ever be,

of her troubles truly free.

Send to her the healing light,

while she sleeps safe through this night.




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PostSubject: Re: Prayer Board   08.11.08 23:15

From: RockingGeordie1 (Original Message) Sent: 23/12/2002 7:58 AM

For Ada Hepple,, ne Bainbridge

This day December 23rd Great Spirit is pray for the peacefull transitionof a great and dear friend Mrs Ada Hepple,,,
Who has passed to you this day after a short illness, she will I knw be met by Sema ,her beloved Husband, may she now rest in the joy of your grace and beauty of life eternal
A worker for many years in Spirit and known and loved by many in this world as a kind hearted soul offerening her all to those around her.
Ada my Friend ill miss your smile your laugh and your presnce ,,,,, knowing in time youll be with us again to say hi,
I am honoured to have known and loved you and that you saw me happy and in the warmth of love have spent the last few days with you gave a chance to repay the kindness you gave ,,,, rest within the arms of loved ones dear ,,,
till we meet again,

in the name of the Great Spirit I give thanks for the life and love of Ada and I pray now she is returned she finds calm and peace.
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PostSubject: Re: Prayer Board   08.11.08 23:17

From: Terantil (Original Message) Sent: 24/11/2002 12:57 AM

The Serenity Prayer - Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me
Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and
Wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardship
as the pathway to peace.
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.
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Prayer Board
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