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A Circle of Mediums Healers, Psychics, Lightworkers etc offering services sharing Faith, Self and Spirit.
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PostSubject: LIVE CHAT SUCCESS   23.10.08 22:00

Well guys n gals , if you have not yet registered at your missing out on some great shows, live on the net the Circle is already becoming known in NowLive as a fun show.

We are now running daily in our room there and will start classes and gruop too,

Our Halloween Special will be in the NowLive Circle of Mediums room , and yeh now its Fancy Dress lol , we can see ya on cams so ya got to come join in ,,,,, still waiting on ya ghosty stories for the Special.


So come in in and meet our new Friends in

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PostSubject: Re: LIVE CHAT SUCCESS   03.11.08 21:56

Step by Step on how to sign up for Nowlive

1. click on wait until it loads up
2. If you are a new member you have to go and sign up and so on the right hand side you will see in yellow the words Sign up, so click on that.
3. Once you have clicked Sign up you then create a nick which will be on the right hand side and just follow what it says then on the bottom it will then say I Accept click on that.
4. Once you do that you are done and make sure you remember your Password then go back to the same page as l just explain and sign in

5 Now once you have signed into this you then go back to the start where you first clicked as in home page and you will see on the right side again 3 boxes which have the following, People Channel Gallery click on the Channel one and that takes you too all the categories on the left hand side called religion &Spirituality click on that and it will go on to the next page with all of the categories of that if that makes sense.

6 You will then scroll down until about the 21st banner and you will see the banner of Circle of mediums click on the banner or you can click on the wording (Circle of mediums).
This will then take you through JulieAKL then click on the huge banner and it will then take you to the room.

But you have to make sure you are always sign in first otherwise if you donít it will come up as guest

If you have any problems please let me know l and l will be glad to help out
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