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A Circle of Mediums Healers, Psychics, Lightworkers etc offering services sharing Faith, Self and Spirit.
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 A Few Thankyous!

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PostSubject: A Few Thankyous!   09.10.08 6:43

A Few Thanks You's

In recent weeks chat has become quiet at times and I have to say a few big thanks yous to those putting in time to reenergise chat and the forums,

First Up Tracy /SPL ,,,,,,, for her lovely Banner Creation for halloween,,,, cant wait to see the bonfire night, xmas and New years ones,,,,, hope you all enjoy her images.

For those now posting on the forums regular and taking the time to read others posts and respond, its what they are here for.

For those now hosting sessions regularly , Jaspa, Jenn,Mangs, Demici, starlight and others,,,,,,, if i dont mention ya plz take the thanks anyhow, lol

For hosts putting in time to just be there in chat and help others or keep it going,

Some amazing sessions have been underway and now and then we are filling the days and nights again in Circle,,,, Particularly to jaspa tracy and jenn, and bry , this week you guys put in one heck of a session,,,, to which I was, for a change, the visitor and recipient of some great work, Many thanks to all of you.

All of which couldnt happen without the members participation,,, Ive always said , I'm only part of it , without you guys its just an empty space.

As you all know by now I may be absent a fair bit in coming weeks and its great to know the Circle is in safe hands and youll all have some stories to tell me when I'm back , im sure.

To One and ALL , many thanks,,,,

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A Few Thankyous!
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