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 Voice/Cam/Text Chat Test

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PostSubject: Voice/Cam/Text Chat Test   09.10.08 2:14

Ok heres a Surprise,,,,,,,,AND ITS FREEEEEEEE & NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!

-- we are testing a Live Cam and Voice chat room ,,,,,,,, yeh yeh I know been there done that but this is prety darn neat.
I will try to ensure im in the chat as much as possible to greet Smile if its closed at anytime you'll get a little message to let you know hehehe wait for it !

Instructions: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!

1) Register at (HINT use same nick and password as you do for this forum, so you dont forget them and I can help out if you do Smile )

2) Go to register and find us in thier Channels for live shows Religion & Spirituality section. We are Listed in thier featured shows on home page when room is Open Look for the Circle Of Mediums logo.

Or then return here

Click the link below ,,or copy and paste into a browser,, you'll go right to the chat room,
BUT , then you'll be asked to login with to be able to chat, sorry, but worth it and couldnt be easier,,,,,,,

Live Cam & Voice Chat Room

Obviously we are testing this so those please bare with us. But if ya fancy meeting members face to face , have a web cam and microphone ,,, you can enjoy a full interactive chat , text chat also included so dont panic if you dont as yet.

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Voice/Cam/Text Chat Test
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